How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold? Complete Guide

Last summer, I almost had my leg twisted when my younger brother's penny skating board I was using broke into two.

Exceeding the prescribed weight on the skateboard can break it or even cause wheel imbalance. That begs the question, how much weight can a skateboard hold? A regular skateboard can hold up to 270 pounds, while a strong board can hold up to 300 pounds.

However, the weight a board can hold depends on the board material, the period of usage, and its level of care and maintenance.

In this article, we shall set our focus on the various components that determine the weight a skateboard can safely carry.

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The weight limit for skateboard varies from one board to the other. These variations are determined by the board size, the materials used to make the board, and the intended purpose of the board.

A stationary skateboard can hold up to 500 pounds. While in motion, a skateboard can hold up to 300 pounds. Skateboarders weighing less than 300 pounds can comfortably skate without the risk of breakdown.

However, with time, the skateboard deck becomes weak, especially when not well maintained. Water and direct sunlight greatly reduce the strength of the maple wood leading to less holding capacity.

The weight limit for skateboard varies from one board to the other.

To have your board stay in perfect condition for long, I would suggest you avoid skating in the rains. Store it in a dry storage room under room temperatures to prevent the maple wood from losing its design shape.

Below are some of the skateboards I would recommend for purchase with their corresponding weight limits. Check on the weight holding capacity while purchasing one.

01. Old-school skateboards

Are you looking for the sensational skating experience of the late 80s? I would recommend you to get these boards from their online stores. Old-school skateboards have been upgraded to hold up to 250 pounds.

02. Penny or Nickle skateboards

Penny boards are somewhat the average boards you can find in the market. It can hold more weight than a mini cruiser board but less weight than a longboard.

Generally, a nickel skateboard will hold a corresponding weight limit of 175 pounds.

03. Double kick skateboards

Skating tricks requires a strong board. The double kick skateboard is one of the best boards with a double kick dissymmetric concave shape for control and trick performance.

Double kick skateboards

The board can hold skateboarders with a weight limit of 330 lbs. The deck is strong enough to perform risky tricks safely.

04. Steep kick skateboards

If you are looking for a pool board, I suggest you consider the steep kick skateboards. This model is designed with a long steep kick tail that allows the skater to feel the board while at high speeds.

Since the board is a bit off the ground, it can only hold a weight limit of 230 pounds.

05. Cruiser skateboards

Mini cruiser skateboards

It would help if you had a cruiser board to learn the balancing and tricks for cruising. Unlike the other boards, the cruiser skateboards come with a wider deck and a bit soft wheel that gives you a smooth skating experience.

The board can hold up to 270 pounds with ease. Maintain the board in good condition as it is a durable asset.

06. Mini cruiser skateboards

Are you looking for a small skateboard for your kids? I suggest you pick the mini cruiser skateboard, which will offer safe cruising for your kids. However, the mini cruiser boards are tricky to skate and may need training and experience.

Being a mini cruiser board, the corresponding weight limit is 150 pounds.

07. Street skateboards

When it comes to street skateboards, we feature more on balance and not speed. These boards are used to perform tricks and jump off staircases and ramps.

With such riskiness, the boards are made strong and durable. The street skateboards can comfortably carry up to 250 pounds without breaking.

08. Carve Skateboard

Carve Skateboard

Have you been admiring those sharp turns on a skateboard? If yes, carving skateboards will be the best choice. The wheels are modified to enable swift turns without topping over.

A carved skateboard will comfortably hold up to 260 pounds without breaking. However, when making the shift and turns, stoop low to lower the center of gravity.

09. Electric Skateboard

With technological advancement, skateboards are now powered with electricity. These boards require no pushing efforts as they are electrically powered. The skateboard is expensive but saves time and energy for long-distance cruisers.

Depending on the powering motor capacity, the electric board can hold up to 250 pounds.

10. Classic longboards

Classic longboards

As the word goes, they have long decks with flexible trucks that give an easy, enjoyable cruising. If you want a waveless smooth ride, I suggest you consider this model.

It has small soft wheels that give a smooth and stable ride with a corresponding weight limit of 270 pounds.

11. Downhill longboards

The downhill board is well adapted to steep grounds that require high-level balance and high speed. These boards have a wide deck and flexible truck. The wheel is soft to increase the much-needed speed. Generally, the board can hold up to 250 pounds.

12. Pintail longboards

For high-speed cruisers and carving tricks, I recommend the pintail longboards. They are designed with pin tails decks for cruising and carving at high speeds. On average, the board can hold up to 240 pounds of weight.

13. Twin tip longboards

This board is designed with a wide middle section and a narrow tail and nose end. The design allows easy speed picking and leaning when carving. The weight limit is 200 pounds due to the truck design at the edges.

Does weight matter when skateboarding?

Does weight matter when skateboarding?

When skateboarding, weight is one of the key factors to consider. Excess weight on the board will break or distort the wheels' balance. The design of the skateboards is meant to carry a specified weight limit.

For example, a person weighing 290 pounds cannot balance on a skateboard with a 270-pound holding weight. At high speeds and tension, the wheel bearings will break, leading to fatal accidents.

How much does a skateboard weigh on average?

On average, a skateboard weighs 10 pounds. For a better understanding, I suggest we take a look at the various components of a skateboard and how much each weighs.

To start with, the board truck is the heaviest, weighing around 0.80 pounds. The weight may vary depending on the material used, whether magnesium, aluminum, or steel.

The skateboard deck is made up of several layers of maple wood (6-10 layers). On average, the deck weighs around 2 kilograms. The wheels and the ball bearings weigh around 360 grams. Wheels are made of urethane which is a hardened plastic with the ability to break easily.

The grip tape made of silicon carbide is mounted on top of the deck to offer a better foot grip on the board. The tape weighs around 0.30 pounds. All these parts, when combined, give the board an average of 10 pounds.

How to apply your weight on a skateboard deck?

How to apply your weight on a skateboard deck?

Knowing how to apply your weight on the deck is challenging. Focus much of your weight on the lead leg with your knees bent at an acute angle. Keep the body weight focused in the middle of the deck. For movements, push your body weight from the heel to the toes for balance.

When pushing, have the lead leg facing forward over the idle line. Use the other leg to apply some force to start. Then balance your weight as you move.

FAQs Regarding Skating Weight

Q. Can heavy guys skateboard?

There is a weight limit to which a skating board can withstand without breaking. A heavy guy can skateboard if their weight lies within the corresponding weight limit.

Can heavy guys skateboard?

Get the right type of skating board that can carry your heavyweight.

Q. Can a 300 lb person skateboard?

This depends greatly on how many pounds can a skateboard hold. 300 lbs is the maximum weight that a strong longboard can carry. So, yes. One can skateboard with 300 lbs but using the right board.

Q. What skateboard is good for fat people?

Fat people may refer to various body weights. Experienced fat people can skate on a cruiser or a classic longboard that has a wide deck to help them balance their weight.

Overweight people with more than 300 pounds may not get a suitable board to skate.

Q. What size skateboard should I get for my weight?

We have different sizes and types of skateboards for different users. Select one which can hold your weight without breaking. To understand the size, first get to know what is the weight limit for a skateboard.

I would suggest you consult with an experienced trainer to help you get the right board for your weight.

Q. Is skating a good way to lose weight?

Definitely yes. If you are planning to use the skateboard to help reduce weight, you are on the right track. When cruising, your body muscles are engaged, helping you in cardio exercise.

Consider combining skating with other forms of exercise to achieve a whole weight-loss plan.


Different skateboards can hold different weights. The trick is getting the right board for your weight and similarly getting your preferred taste and design.

Follow the above guidelines to help you get the best for your requirements. For challenges in identifying a skateboard for your weight, please consult with a trainer to walk you through it.

There will always be the right board for your workout plans and sporting activities. Exercise precaution measures and wear protective gear while skating to reduce injuries.

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