Best Skateboard Helmets

17 Best Skateboard Helmets in 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Skateboarding is one of those sports that are very exciting to watch. People are engaging more in this particular sport. Also, the number of emergency room visits due to head injuries is increasing proportionally.

Regardless of skills, beginners and professional skaters aren’t safe from accidental falls.

Getting the best skateboard helmet can make sure your head remains protected if you accidentally fall while skateboarding. Even though wearing a helmet doesn’t seem cool to many people, it can cost way too much than just not being cool.

But, I understand the appeal, especially from youngsters. So, I came up with 17 helmets that are not only great for providing head protection, but also look very stylish.

Top 17 Best Skateboard Helmets Review

The list includes a wide variety of helmets of different shapes, materials, features, and price so that you can find the most suitable one to make your skateboarding more protected and safe.

01. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet with 10 Vents


Due to its durable construction, breathability, and classic design, Retrospec CM-1 comes in number 1 on the list. Apart from skateboarding, you can also wear it while riding a bike or skiing to protect your head from impacts.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic material, 

this helmet is durable enough to withstand impacts without any damage. Its sturdiness makes it the best skateboard helmet within its class.

Also, inside the helmet, it got high-quality EPS foam to protect your head from impacts while providing much comfort as well.

Unlike cheaper foams, it doesn’t cause sweating; 

thus, your head will be dry and free from irritation. To provide you further comfort, the helmet has 10 vents to allow enough air circulation.

So, no matter how warm or hot the day is, wearing it will not make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty. You can get a perfect fit from its small, medium, and large size.

In case you still struggle to make it fit on your head, 

there are interchangeable pads to ensure you get a much better custom fit. To meet your taste and preference, the helmet comes in 10 different colors for you to choose one.

However, if you prefer a slim helmet, it will feel a bit bulky to you, making you look like Super Mario. Also, the paint job isn't quite satisfactory on the helmet.

So, it will take scratches and damage quite sooner.

  • Very durable
  • Handles impacts quite well
  • Doesn’t make the head sweaty
  • Comfortable to wear
  • A bit thicker

02. JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified


Similar to the previous one in design, this skateboard helmet from JBM assures you to protect your head if you fall accidentally.

The helmet is made of durable PVC and PC material to withstand impact easily. No matter how hard you fall, you will find the material to be sturdy enough not to get damaged.

This helmet used EPS foam

Additionally, the inside of the JBM helmet got EPS foam to absorb the external pressure during impacts to make sure your head remains safe regardless of the intensity of the fall.

Apart from the build, it’s equally important that you get a well-fitted helmet. You can choose one from its three different sizes. 

An adjustable buckle

All the helmets have an adjustable buckle to make it further fit so that it doesn’t get loose during impacts. No matter what’s the size of your head, you will find it well fit according to your needs.

Both boys and girls can wear the helmet without any fitting issue. If ventilation is your concern, there are multiple vents so that your head doesn't sweat while you ride.

Aerodynamic design

Also, its aerodynamic design, along with the breathable foam, provides relatively better breathability compared to conventional helmets.

Intense body movement will not cause the helmet to increase your head’s temperature. Being the best skateboard helmet for kids on the list, unfortunately, this helmet fits kids and teenagers the best.

If you are an adult, 

most likely you are to face a fitting issue with it. So, as the helmet is mostly for youngsters, you cannot expect it to be as durable as the adult’s ones.

  • Perfect for kids and teenagers
  • Durable PVC material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable strap
  • Not suitable for heavy impacts

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03. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet


If you are looking for a helmet for skateboarding, biking, BMX ride, or commuting, this one from Triple Eight can provide great value for your money.

In the skateboarding helmet industry, 

ABS plastic is considered as the most durable material to withstand impacts. The manufacturer used this durable material to construct the housing of this helmet.

So, you can rest assured about its provided protection during any impacts. To provide you with added protection, the external housing of the helmet got impact-absorbing EPS foam liner.

No matter how hard you fall, 

the foam will not let your head get hurt. For your mental satisfaction, this one complies with the U.S. CPSC safety standard to be a safe helmet for age 5+ individuals.

The helmet also includes 2 sets of fit pads so that you get a well-customized fit no matter which size you buy. There are thinner liner and thicker liners that come pre-installed to provide you with a great helmet wearing experience.

Comfortable wearing feel

These will absorb the moisture to get you comfortable while wearing. If you have an overwhelmingly big head, this isn’t probably the best helmet for you to get.

It can be a good purchase if wearing a mushroom-shaped helmet doesn’t bother you much.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Handles sweat issue well
  • Comfortable and impact withstanding foam
  • Adjustable strap with buckle
  • Doesn’t fit bigger heads well

04. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet


If you are engaged in any sports activity that requires you to wear protective headgear, including skateboarding, you can rely on this helmet.

Perfect edge design

Its cutting edge design is perfect for youths who don't prefer wearing helmets, thinking that it doesn't make them cool. Made of durable material, this helmet can withstand impacts without much struggle. 

To make you feel comfortable while wearing this headgear, the manufacturer used ergonomic interior padding. No matter how hard the impact is, the padding will not let your head get hurt whatsoever. 

Top and side vents

Previously I have reviewed a helmet with 10 vents to circulate enough air. This particular one comes with 17 top and side vents to make sure you stay cool even on hot summer days.

So, no longer need to worry about the sweaty hassles. There are side release buckles to fasten and get a custom fit for your convenience. These make the adjustment around your chin a breeze.

A comfortable fit

The padding also helps to get you a comfortable fit. There are extra pads for fitment fine-tuning if needed. The helmet is available in 7 colors.

Whether you are getting this for a boy or girl, this unisex helmet can be a great deal to consider.

  • Very comfortable to wear like other best skateboard helmets
  • 17 vents to ensure there is enough air circulation
  • Provides great protection for the head
  • High-quality internal padding
  • Adjustable straps
  • Misleading size measurements

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05. Pro-Tec Skate-and-Skateboarding Helmets


Most helmets on the list are made of durable ABS shells for not leaving any chance of head injuries whatsoever. This one from Pro-Tec isn’t an exception to that.

Different characteristics

However, there are some other different characteristics of this helmet that might make you feel interested in buying it. Due to its high-impact ABS shell construction, this helmet is built to last.

This material is proven when it comes to protecting the head from impacts. So, you can rely on this gear regarding the safety of your head.

An EPS liner

Also, there is an EPS liner to make sure your head gets full protection no matter how hard you fall while skateboarding. The liner is certified to be durable and effective.

One of the reasons that people don't feel like wearing a helmet is because they feel uncomfortable and sweaty. To eliminate this issue, this one has 11 vents, providing you enough air circulation to keep the head cool and sweat-free.

Available in different sizes

The helmet is available in 6 different sizes, so it’s not just for youngsters, adults can also wear it without any fitting hassles.

In addition to that, there are adjustable straps and locking buckles to fit the helmet perfectly. Its glossy finish gives the helmet a stylish look.

So, if you previously didn’t use any helmet due to aesthetic issues, you can give this one a try.

  • Made of durable ABS shell
  • 11 vents make the rider feel comfortable
  • EPS impact liner to endure impacts smoothly
  • Comes in 6 different sizes with adjustable straps
  • Pads wear out soon

06. Krash Youth 8+ Mohawk Helmet

If your kid is asking you for a mohawk helmet, this can be the best helmet for kids to get. When someone wears a helmet, his/her trendy mohawk haircut gets covered under the shell.

Quality and Material

In such cases, there cannot be a better option to express your inner mohawk than this. If your kid is over 8 years, he/she is good to go with this one.

The shell of this helmet is made of PVC material to endure light-impacts. As it’s for kids, hopefully, they will not skateboard roughly and get exposed to severe falls.

An EPS inner shell

There is an EPS inner shell that is specially designed to absorb impacts and protect your little Einstein’s head.  Also, its soft cushion padding inside the shell will make the head feel quite comfortable.

The mohawk is made of high-quality thermoplastic rubber, which makes it elastic, rubbery, soft to touch, and quite durable. The material doesn’t include any toxic elements, neither adds much weight to the helmet.

Designed with holes

Also, the reddest pattern will look absolutely dope even from a distance. To keep the head chill and cooler, the helmet is designed with holes throughout its surface to ensure there is enough ventilation.

So, even if your kid wears it for a long time, it will not make him/her feel uncomfortable. There are also adjustable straps and buckles to get a perfect fit regardless of the head size.

  • PVC material made shell
  • Comfortable shock-absorbing EPS inner shell
  • Soft padding to ensure comfort while wearing
  • Enough ventilation 
  • High-quality mohawk
  • Padding isn’t that good
  • The overall quality isn’t satisfactory

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07. Flybar Skateboard Helmet

Most helmets on the list can be worn for biking, bicycling, BMX, skating, scooter, and other sports. This one from Flybar isn’t an exception to that.

It is made of durable ABS material

The outer shell of this unit is made of durable ABS material that can withstand serious impacts without breaking the shell. Also, to keep your head protected, it got EPS foam inner lining inside the helmet.

So, you can expect heavy-duty protection from this one without spending much. If you prefer not to wear a helmet due to the boring color option, this one offers multiple attractive printed options as well.

Colored or printed option

You will find a colored or printed option that goes well with your style and preference. So, at least wearing this helmet, you will not feel embarrassed in front of your friends.

There are 12 wide vents on the helmet to make sure enough ventilation is provided. So, even if you wear it for a prolonged period, you are less likely going to sweat.

Available in different sizes

It will keep you cool during your physical activities very well. Available in 3 sizes, it also comes with an adjustable spin dial to get you a perfect and safer fit.

Until now, this best skateboard helmet reviews included helmets with single certification; whereas, this one got dual certification for being a safe headgear for outdoor activities.

  • Made of durable ABS shell
  • High-quality EPS foam inner shell
  • Available in different colors and cool printed designs
  • Convenient adjustable spin dial allows superior fit
  • Enough vents for ventilation
  • Strap comes loose
  • A bit bulky

08. Punisher Skateboards 11-Vent Multi-Sport Helmet


I hope your 5+ years old child will not mind wearing this colorful butterfly printed helmet while skateboarding.

Manufacturer's design

In fact, the manufacturer designed this helmet considering the color sensitivity of kids to make sure they all like it. If your kid has a colorful skateboard, this one will go perfectly all together.

Even though it’s for kids, the helmet got durable ABS shell construction, which makes it sturdy enough and able to withstand impacts without any breaking issue.

To add more to the protection, 

the helmet got EPS foam liner on the inside that touches your head and protects it during any impacts. According to CPSC, this helmet meets all the standards to be a safer headgear for outdoor activities.

There are 11 vents all around the helmet to ensure enough ventilation. You will feel cool and comfortable wearing this gear.

To get you a perfect fit, 

it got chin straps. From its 9 beautiful printed designs, you will find your preferred and most desired one for the kid. Even though it seems like a toy, the helmet is durable enough to withstand severe impacts.

  • Durable ABS shell construction
  • Provides great head protection against impacts
  • Comfortable to wear like your head in one of the best skating helmets. 
  • Enough ventilation
  • Available in attractive printed designs
  • Seems a bit bigger for small heads
  • Hard to adjust perfectly

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09. Punisher Skateboard Pro Series 13-Vent Dual Safety Certified Helmet

This one from Punisher Skateboard is one of those that has a dual safety standard to assure you about its strong protection from impacts.

It’s not a unisex helmet; 

rather, it’s solely designed for girls. To get you the utmost comfort while wearing it, the helmet has 13 vents that allow enough ventilation.

Even if you wear it for a prolonged period, your head will not get sweat whatsoever. Its EPS foam pads further assure you about its comfort.

Also, the padding is soft enough to smoothly endure impacts without hurting your head.

To provide you with sturdy protection, 

the helmet got an ABS plastic construction, which is durable enough to withstand impacts and falls. Regarding protection, this helmet performs up to the mark and outperforms conventional ones as well.

You can make it fit snugly using its turn-lock strap adjustment. The quick-release buckle makes it much easier and convenient to use.

With its comfortable foam padding, 

your head can easily fit this helmet without much struggle. There are embroidered logos printed on its heavy-duty nylon strap that look absolutely dope. The paint is what makes this helmet special.

Its manufacturer used the metallic neon hot pink paint sticker. As it's UV resistant, the color will not fade away due to sunlight whatsoever.

  • Durable ABS outer shell
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 13 vents to ensure ventilation
  • Durable hot pink paint sticker
  • Easy to adjust buckle and chin straps
  • Cheaply made accessories
  • Big for small-headed persons

10. ProRider BMX Ride & Skate Helmet

It’s another best skateboard helmet for classic use that you can also use for other sports activities. CPSC standard certification is there, so you got no reason to worry about it being a safe headgear.

High-quality hardshell material

This skateboard helmet is made of high-quality hardshell material to be able to withstand pretty much everything in case of falling. It’s durable enough; thus, the shell won’t break that easily.

So, your head will be protected from impacts. To add more to your protection, the inner shell got foam padding that touches your head very softly.

Several foam pads

Also, the padding is attached with velcro dots to ensure better adherence and keep it in place. Actually, this helmet has several foam pads that are of 1 inch in thickness.

So, regarding the safety of your head, no need to worry. There are also several vents that are positioned on the top, front, and backside of the helmet.

These ventilation channels will keep the inside much cooler to make you feel comfortable.

To get you a perfect fit, 

this helmet has straps and a quick-release buckle for convenience. The straps are polyester made, so it will be much gentle on the skin of your kid, as well as yours.

  • Durable hardshell
  • Enough ventilation channels
  • Comfortable inner padding
  • Soft polyester straps
  • Protects head against impacts quite well
  • Difficult to get a perfect fit

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11. Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

One feature that distinguishes this helmet from the ones that I previously reviewed is its sweat saver liner. This particular accessory wicks sweat and moisture quite well.

Unlike conventional foam-padded ones, it doesn't stink whatsoever. 

In addition to that, 

the liner is thick enough to aid in getting a perfect fit. Like what you would expect from a good quality helmet, this one is also made of sturdy ABS hard shell.

So, you can expect the helmet to withstand intensive impacts without breaking the shell and suffering any head injury.

An ideal safety equipment

Whether you are engaged in sports activities such as skateboarding, roller derby, and skating, you will find this helmet as an ideal safety equipment. Also, for BMX, bicycling, etc. the helmet stands as a great headgear too.

There are enough vents to allow a good amount of ventilation. So, it will keep your head cool even if you wear the helmet for a prolonged period.

Available in different sizes

The helmet is available in six different sizes, and you will find your appropriate size easily. In addition to that, there is an adjustable chin strap to get a perfect and snug fit that will not become loose regardless of your intensive physical activities.

For convenient cleaning, you can remove the sweat saver liner to keep it fresh.

  • Sweat saver liner handles moisture well
  • Sturdy outer shell
  • Enough air ventilation
  • Feels very comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable strap and buckle
  • Doesn’t look that good on people with a round face

12. Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

If you are looking for an extraordinary and the best heavy-duty helmet for skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking, etc. sports activities, this one from Triple 8 is worth considering.

Hand-laid fiberglass outer shell

Made of hand-laid fiberglass outer shell, this helmet is born to last. No matter how hard the impact you have to go through, the material will ensure the maximum protection for your head.

Also, its shatter-resistant flip-up visor is durable enough to withstand the intensity of your sports activity. It will not break that easily.

Great companion for head protection

So, if you want full-face covering, this can be a great deal to ponder upon. If you prefer going fast while riding, you will find this helmet as a great companion when it comes to providing head protection.

Having an uncompromised helmet like this one gives you much confidence to push further.

An aerodynamic style

It features an aerodynamic style that limits wind resistance for your comfort and convenience. You will not feel uncomfortable while wearing this helmet, which isn’t the case with most full-face covering helmets.

EPS foam liner

From the inside, the helmet got EPS foam liner along with velvet lining to add more to your comfort. It also aids to get you a much better fit.

There are extra foam paddings to insert if you need a more customized fit.

  • Full-face protection against impacts
  • Made of durable fiberglass shell
  • Sturdy shatter-resistant flip up visor to protect the face
  • Wind resistant for comfort
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Comes with extra padding for a customized fit
  • Not for wearing a long period
  • Prone to ventilation issue when the visor is engaged

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13. Giro Quarter MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

If you want a minimalist skateboarding helmet with a strong build, good air ventilation, and comfortable user experience, this one from Giro can be the best skateboard helmet for adults.

Great brand for quality helmets

There will be nothing wrong if I say that Giro makes great quality helmets. Despite being constructed with a sturdy ABS plastic shell, the helmet is one of the low-profile designed helmets on the list.

There are very few ABS shell made helmets similar to this when it comes to being a lightweight headgear. This gear can withstand heavy impacts without breaking the shell while keeping your head well protected inside it. 

An EPS liner for comfort feel 

In addition to that, it got an EPS liner to get you enough comfort. The padding also absorbs the sweat, which you can swap easily as per your fit requires.

To add more to its durability, the padding got polyurethane coating to make sure it doesn’t wear and tear too easily.

Multi-directional impact protection system

The most convenient feature of this headgear is that it features the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System that redistributes energy to lessen the force of those heavy impacts when you fall.

There are 9 convenient vents on the outer shell of this helmet to ensure proper ventilation, and make you feel cool and comfortable to ride for a long time.

  • Specially designed to endure fewer falling impacts
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Sweat-absorbent pads
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Provides excellent head protection
  • Doesn’t fit properly on circular heads
  • A little bulkier

14. Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet


Made for adults, this one is among the best skating helmets on the list.

If you want to show off a glossy finish while skateboarding, bicycling, BMX, or other outdoor sports activities, take a look at what this one comes with.

Like most helmets on the list, 

durability is pretty much the same in this helmet as well. It got a durable ABS shell build that can endure heavy impacts without breaking the shell.

Your head will stay protected inside this helmet, so don’t worry regarding its durability. In addition to that, the inner shell is wrapped with a 2-stage foam liner to provide you with the maximum riding comfort.

It's contributions

This also contributes to getting a well-sung fit as well. You will experience less sweat and discomfort while wearing this headgear for prolonged hours.

This classically designed helmet got 11 vents to allow enough air ventilation to keep your head cool. Thus, you will feel comfortable from this aspect as well.

Vents and ventilation

These vents are spread all across the outer shell to ensure ventilation from all sides. Most helmets on the list come with adjustable straps, and it isn’t an exception to this one.

There are adjustable nylon webbed straps along with a locking buckle that helps you to get a perfect sung fit for your ride.

Timeless style helmet

With its glossy black finish and lightweight construction, this timeless style helmet will not ruin how you look while skateboarding whatsoever.

  • Soft to hard foam for added comfort
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Sturdy ABS build
  • Strategically positioned air vents
  • Adjustable straps and buckle
  • Fits very tightly
  • Sits high on the head

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15. Razor Brand VPro Multi-Sport Youth Helmet with No-Pinch Magnetic Buckle


Kids always prefer wearing colorful gear, and helmets aren’t an exception to that. Made while keeping the taste and preference of the kids in mind, this colorful printed helmet can be a great surprise gift for your child.

Modern design with superior durability

The helmet combines modern design with superior durability for convenience. Made of a hard outer shell, the helmet will be more than enough to protect your kid’s head from impacts.

Also, there is an ergonomic interior padding, which makes the rider feel quite comfortable. Its padding also makes the headgear well-secured and tight enough not to face losing hazards while you skateboard.

Multiple convenient air vents

There are 17 convenient air vents, which is the highest in number among helmets on the list. So, even if you skateboard during hot summer days, it will keep your head much cooler compared to conventional ones.

The vents are strategically placed on the front, sides, and rear part of the headgear. To get you a perfect fit, this helmet also comes with adjustable straps and a secure locking buckle to make sure it stays on your head while you ride.

Available in multiple sizes for all persons

There are sizes for kids, teenagers, and 15+ individuals. The helmet is available in 6 attractive colors and printed patterns for you to select the one that goes well with your preference and style.

  • Solid construction like other best skateboard helmets.
  • Ergonomic pads for a more secure fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 17 well-positioned vents for air ventilation
  • Available in different colors and printed designs
  • Adjustable accessories
  • Doesn’t fit well on small heads
  • Misleading size chart

16. Retrospec H2 Ski & Snowboard Helmet


If you ask me, which helmet on this list is my personal favorite, I will go with this one without giving a second thought. What makes this helmet so special? Let's find out.

Designed for sportsmen

This particular helmet is designed for sportsmen who aren't afraid to push their limits. In fact, it’s made for providing you the maximum level of head protection regardless of the intensity of impacts.

It got a durable ABS shell exterior to provide your head the utmost protection. Compared to other helmets, the EPS interior padding is of higher quality. It performs great when it comes to absorbing the sweat as well as heat.

For much safer head

So, your head will be much safer when you cover it with this helmet. You can transform this skateboarding helmet into a bike helmet with its replaceable foam pieces.

For added protection, the helmet features removable plush earmuffs. Also, during winter, you can use it as a warmer for convenience.

It works with protective goggles

There is a goggle clip to attach your eyewear, so you don't have to struggle with your protective goggles as well. With its adjustable dial and chin strap, getting a customized fit will be much easier and more convenient.

Strategically placed vents

There are also 14 strategically placed vents that allow maximum air circulation. With all that being said about this product, this one is the best helmet for adults skating within this price range.

  • Designed exceptionally well to reduce impacts significantly
  • Durable ABS construction
  • 14 vents ensure maximum air circulation
  • Durable ABS construction
  • Removable earmuff for added protection and warmth
  • Dedicated goggle clip
  • High-quality shock-absorbing foam padding
  • The position of the adjustable clip and chin straps wasn’t good
  • Gives an egg-headed appearance

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17. Retrospec Critical Cycles CM-2 Bicycle/Skateboard Helmet for Adult

Last but not least, if you are to get covered with a helmet that is durably made, provides maximum comfort, and allows you to use it for multiple sports, you may like this one from Critical Cycles.

The best helmet brand

I personally fund Retrospec to be the best helmet brand among the customers for skating, so you can rely on their products. Unlike conventional helmets, when you wear this, you will experience much less sweat.

Thanks to its premium interior padding that fights perspiration, bacteria, and odor, the helmet keeps you fresh and dry for a long time.

Durable ABS outer shell

To cover your head, the manufacturer used a durable ABS outer shell to provide superior protection from impacts. Also, the EPS foam acts as a great shock-absorbing component from the inside to maximize your head protection.

For well-ventilation, there are 11 vents all across the helmet so that you feel much cooler while wearing this. Even if you wear it for a prolonged period, you will not have to deal with uncomfortable situations.

From its improved three size options, 

you can choose your preferred one. There are also two sets of interchangeable pads given with the helmet to get you a tailor-like-fit.

The helmet is available in 5 solid colors to offer you the most appropriate one for your taste and preference regardless of your gender.

  • Got 11 vents for convenient air circulation
  • Comfortable to wear helmet
  • ABS construction to maximize impact endurance
  • Comes with US CPSC certification
  • Includes interchangeable pads for a better fit
  • Not suitable for small-headed persons

What Determines the Best Skateboard Helmet?

There are certain things or criteria that determine whether the product is good or bad.

The same goes for skateboard helmets. If you are to buy a helmet to wear while skateboarding, it’s a must to know the things that make a skateboard helmet the best.

  • Build material is the first thing that tells you whether the helmet is good or bad for protecting your head.
  • Air vents are also one of the things that determine how comfortable you will feel while wearing the skateboarding helmet. A higher number of vents will keep your head cool and allow you to wear it for longer.
  • Also, the inner padding of the helmet is important as your comfortable fit will highly depend on it.

How Does a Skateboard Helmet Work?

When it comes to wearing a helmet while skateboarding, a considerable number of people prefer not wearing this headgear. However, it’s a must to wear for individuals who are engaged in such kinds of physical outdoor activities that involve speed.

I’m sure you have heard people saying that their lives were saved because they wore a helmet during the accident. Otherwise, they couldn’t have made it this far. But, have you ever wondered how this works?

When a person falls, with a helmet covering the head, the outer shell first takes the impact. Whether the outer shell survives or not, it highly softens the impact for the head. 

Also, the inner padding absorbs the overall shock and doesn’t let the head get any serious injury depending on the quality of the materials.

Types of Helmet and Differences

When you go on the street, you probably would see helmets of different shapes, styles, and sizes. Different types of helmets serve the purpose of protecting the rider’s head.

With that being said, here are the most commonly used helmet types for you to understand their characteristics and protection level.

Short/Half Helmet

This helmet is designed to only cover your top part of the head, including the forehead and halfway down to the backside of your head.

As this is one of the most inexpensive helmets for skateboarding purposes, this is one of the most commonly used ones.

Open Face/BMX Helmet

As the name goes, when you wear this type of helmet, it keeps your face open.

Apart from the front side, the rest of the three sides of the helmet is durably made with enough cushioning foam inside it to protect the rider’s head from impacts.

Leisure Helmet

People mostly use leisure helmets for casual riding. Although the helmet is excellent at providing ventilation, when it comes to protection against impacts, the helmet doesn’t seem to hold that well.

It’s more for the style than proper head protection.

Full Face Helmet (Street Bike)

As the title goes, a full-face helmet provides full protection to your head as well as the entire face.

There is a shatter-proof glass shield to protect the face from impacts to enhance the overall protection. This is for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

Wiggle Helmets (for Kids and Youth)

This is the type of the best helmet that you see bicyclists wearing. Wiggle helmets look mechanical due to the unique exposed construction.

These helmets are also available for both kids and youth, apart from regular adult sizes.

Road Helmets

Both skateboarders and longboarders can use road helmets for long time rides.

Even though wiggle and road helmets look similar to each other, construction-wise, road helmets are sturdier and well-built.

Time Trial Helmets

People who participate in time-sensitive racing require time trial helmets. Apart from providing some excellent aerodynamic benefits, the helmet also notifies you about the clock.

Motocross Helmet (Off-road)

Also known as off-road helmets, these are specially designed to withstand bumpy tracks and impacts of dirt roads. The helmet doesn’t include any eye protection, so the rider has to wear eye protective gear separately.

Modular Helmet

Sportspeople also address this helmet as a modular helmet. It’s a combination between a full-face helmet and a ¾ helmet. The chin bar and visor can be flipped up from the front part of the helmet.

Some modular helmets include a secondary internal visor to protect eyes from the sunlight.

Snocross Helmet (Snowmobile)

Similar to a motocross helmet, snocross helmets are much lighter than full-face headgears. The helmet allows plenty of space for you to wear snow goggles while riding in low-temperature areas.

Jockey Helmet

Horse riders wear jockey helmets while racing, galloping, or for leisure riding. This particular helmet is the easiest one to wear and remove for its convenient shape and design.

What to Consider before Choosing

the Best Skateboard Helmet?

A skateboard helmet isn't just responsible for providing head protection; this also has to do with comfort. And this comfortability is one of the reasons why many individuals prefer not to wear any helmet.

If you have seen the best helmet reddit for skating, which you liked, it doesn’t mean it will provide you protection and comfort as well. So, be sure to follow the things below to make sure you invest in the right headgear.


I have included multi-purposes helmets that people can wear doing sports activities such as biking, bicycling, skating, skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking, etc.

If you want to use the same helmet for both skateboarding and bicycling, be sure to pick one that meets both the purposes well.

There are also helmets that are solely made for skateboarding. These are available at a relatively lower price tag.


Your helmet will not serve the purpose of protecting your head from impacts if it doesn’t fit well. Lose helmets can result in a severe head injury. So, don't take the decision only based on how stylish the headgear looks on you.

Be sure to take the measurement of your head. Most helmets come with a size chart, so based on the chart, order a size that closely meets yours.

Also, look for additional interchangeable paddings, adjustable strap, dial, locking buckle to make the helmet fit more securely on your head.

Comfortability issues have to do with the inner foam padding on the unit. Most high-quality helmets come with EPS foam, which is thick enough to make the rider feel comfortable.

Also, a better shock-absorbent and moisture-absorbent padding can make you feel even better, even for a longer time.


Helmets are of different types that serve specific purposes. Most commonly used helmets are mushroom-shaped. It’s known as a jockey style helmet. These helmets provide great protection for the head.

Open face helmets also provide protection for your chin as well as areas closer to it apart from just the head. Full face helmets are the most protected ones.

These provide extreme protection to your head and entire face. There is a shatter-proof glass that protects the eyes and face.

Off-road helmets are pretty similar to open face helmets. The materials are more durable, but there is no front glass to protect the face and eyes.


This refers to the ability to allow the air to circulate within the helmet. For this purpose, helmets include multiple air vents in the upper, front, back, and both sides of the gear.

The higher number of vents ensures maximum air ventilation. It will make your head feel much cooler, even when you wear the helmet for a long time.

I have reviewed helmets that boast as high as 17 vents, and as low as 7 vents. If you prefer skateboarding for a long time, the suggestion would be to pick one with a higher number of vents.

However, if you skateboard occasionally, 7 to 10 vents will be more than enough to keep you dry for a short time of physical activity.


Be sure to check for the adjustable straps and its quality before you finalize your purchase. Having adjustable straps with dial or locking buckle will help you to get a proper sung fit.

It will significantly decrease the chance of head injury. Some straps aren’t that effective and keep on loosening, don't get one of those.


This is the primary reason why people end up wearing helmets even if they don't feel like wearing one. The safety aspect has to do a lot with your intensity of riding a skateboard or bicycle.

If you prefer speeding up pretty much during all circumstances, make sure the helmet can protect your full-face, including the head.

But, if you don't skateboard much faster, an average helmet with a durable build will be more than enough to protect your head from impacts.

Shell Material

Skateboard helmets are primarily made of two materials; ABS and PVC plastics. Even though these are both plastics, both the materials are durable enough to withstand heavy impacts.

Compared to PVC, ABS helmets are more durable and last longer. So, I would suggest you get an ABS plastic made helmet to make no compromise when it’s about protection as well as durability.

How Easy to Use

The best skating helmet isn’t such a gear that you wear throughout the day. There will be a time when you want it to remove and put it aside or hang it somewhere near.

Thus, be sure to pick one that is easy to wear and remove, so you don't have to spend much time dealing with it.


Most durable helmets have high-quality EPS foam padding that serves two purposes. One is to get the rider a perfect fit, and another is to absorb the shock during any impacts.


Color and graphics are some of the reasons that influence the decision of purchasing a particular helmet.

For your convenience, I have picked helmets with solid colors, durable matte finish, glossy finish, as well as printed designs. Also, there is a mohawk style helmet on the list if you are up to this style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question. Are bike helmets OK for skateboarding?

Answer: Technically, you can wear a bike helmet for skateboarding purposes as well.

However, as skateboarding helmets cover a wide area of the head, which is something bike helmets don't seem to cover much, it's recommended and ideal to use a skateboard helmet while you skateboard.

Question. Should you wear a helmet when skateboarding?

Answer: You should always wear a helmet whenever you are to skateboard to keep your head protected from potential impacts.

So, even though you might see people not wearing any helmet while skateboarding, still, you should wear one unless you want a major injury to happen.

Question. What size skate helmet do I need?

Answer: There is no universal size when it comes to getting a skating helmet. However, the average size for men in the US is 7 ⅜ inches, and in Europe, it's 58 cm.

An average US woman requires a 7 ¼ inches helmet. Before you make the purchase, be sure to follow the size chart of that manufacturer.

Question. What is the right age to start skateboarding?

Answer: According to the experts, the best age to start skateboarding would be from 5 to 10 years old. But, the skater should always wear all protective gear, including helmet and pads.

Also, he/she should be under an adult's supervision.

Question. Is skateboarding bad for your ankles?

Answer: Skateboarding is hard on ankles and feet due to the impact of jumps and tricks. Both the ankles and foot can suffer from sprains and fractures due to intense skateboarding.

Final Words

In the end, if you ask me to suggest the best skateboard helmet, it would be difficult for me to suggest one. So, I would suggest two products from the list.

The first one would be the Retrospec H2 Ski & Snowboard Helmet due to its superb protection against impacts under all circumstances. It boasts a durable and sturdy outer shell and provides you comfort while wearing.

So, if protection is your major concern, go for it. If you sweat a lot while wearing a helmet, you may consider the Razor V-17 helmet. It comes with 17 air vents to make sure the head stays cool, even if you wear the helmet for a long time.

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