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13 Best Longboard Wheels (Complete Guide and Reviews 2021)

Longboards are typically better for riding around towns because they are built for larger wheels, making them quicker and a more convenient mode of transportation. In order to ride around smoothly, you need appropriate wheels for them.

Whether you want to slide across your campus, attempt new tricks, or crouse through mountains, finding the right wheel is key.

And, in order to help you with your selection of the best longboard wheels, we will provide you with a buying guide along with the top options available on the market.

Firstly, you should understand that the best kinds of longboard wheels have a combination of endurance and functionality. Furthermore, for longer cruises, quality is essential. As a result, you must consider significant aspects such as wheel size and durometer. We will see more of that later.

With the information provided in this article, you should be able to find the best option for your needs.

What Are The Best Longboard Wheels?

Longboard wheels are much larger in size than regular skateboard wheels. These wheels have a range between 65 mm to 100 mm.

Bigger wheels roll quicker and accelerate slower. Smaller wheels, on the other hand, accelerate quicker and have slower average speed.

Although it depends on your particular needs, bigger wheels are considered the best wheels generally.

So, if you want the best longboard wheels, try to get the biggest size you can find. But you will have to consider a few other factors as well.

We will see more about that a little later in the article.

What Type Of Wheels Are Best For A Longboard?

The wheels having the right size and proper amount of softness are the best for longboards. Here’s a detailed description of these two essential factors.

01. Diameter of Wheel

Slightly thicker wheels ensure greater stability. This is because larger wheels can quickly pass over irregularities and have increased acceleration. The normal diameter size for longboard wheels is between 60 mm to 100. However, wheels with a diameter greater than 70 mm are considered larger.

So, if you choose to travel on rough terrain, choose wheels with a larger diameter, as they will assist you in moving over low and rocky terrain without difficulty. Even if it is for everyday use, wider-sized wheels are preferred because of their speed.

Durometer of Wheel

Another factor that is equally important is the durometer of the wheels. It tells you about the level of hardness of those wheels.

Regular skateboard wheels tend to be higher than 90A. However, softer wheels, especially for longboards, between 75A and 88A softness levels are highly recommended. Now, softness does not necessarily imply soft wheels; rather, it refers to wheels that are more elastic in nature.

This is significant because versatile wheels have excellent bounce, which absorbs the hardness and irregularities of the rough road and smooths out the ride by reinforcing the wheel’s grip on the surface.

In short, the longboard wheels with bigger diameter and lower hardness rating are the best.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing 

The Best Longboard Wheels

The following factors are very important to consider in order to find the most suitable option for your specific needs.

01. Diameter

When it comes to longboard wheels, an essential decision you must take is regarding the size. The majority of longboard wheels range somewhere between 64 mm and 80 mm in diameter. And, the most common size is 70 mm.

Before we get into the size differences, you must remember to check whether the wheels will match without causing wheel-bite on your board.

Lower Diameter

Wheels having smaller sizes will be able to fit in more configurations and accelerate quicker. Their maximum speed, however, will be much lower.

Higher Diameter

Wheels having larger sizes accelerate slower but have a much higher maximum speed. Besides, they can ride over rough and rocky roads more quickly.

You should be able to attach wheels of all sizes as long as your deck has big cutouts.

02. Durometer

In order to measure whether a skateboard or longboard wheel is hard or soft, Durometer ratings are used. These ratings are obtained from the Shore A scale.

Generally, longboard wheels have a durometer within a range of 75A and 88A. This range indicates much softer wheels compared to skateboard wheels. Skateboard wheels generally range between 95A to 101A hardness levels.

Longboard wheels with a smaller durometer have far more traction but move slowly, while those with a larger durometer have less traction but roll quicker.

Softer Durometer

Wheels within 75A to 80A are considered softer. They will slow you down quickly, so you will be able to take sharp turns and twists easily. But this also means that they are not very durable.

Harder Durometer

On the contrary, wheels within 83A to 88A are considered relatively harder. Harder wheels like these are less likely to decline the speed, so you can easily slide and glide using these wheels.

This increases their durability and renders them an excellent option for cruising at low speeds.

03. Contact Patch

Now, this is the part of the wheel that touches the ground as it moves forward. A wheel with a larger contact patch has much more traction and is usually given for downward riding. On the other hand, a wheel with a thinner contact patch has very little traction and is strongly recommended for freeride and freestyles.

04. Urethane Formula

Although the durometer is a fairly good reference for carefully choosing your longboard wheel possibilities, not all wheels with the same rating perform equally well. The urethane composition of a wheel has a significant impact on how it works.

Each urethane formulation is special, with various levels of grip, toughness, and sliding properties. You’ll know what kind to choose depending on your needs because many manufacturers classify their formulations as freeride or downhill.

Basically, freeride compositions can slide smoother and quicker than downhill formulations while having less control and longevity.

05. Cores

Longboard wheels are commonly divided into three types of core positioning.

(a) offset, (b) centerset, and (c) sideset. The output and slide dynamics from each of these types will have subtle differences.

Here is Our Top 13 Best Longboard Wheels Review

To get the most bang for your buck, invest in one of these longboard wheels, which not only provide smooth-skating but also ensure protection. You’ll find a selection of the top longboard wheels on the market below.

01. FREEDARE Longboard Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings and Spacers 70mm

41BaFlmHkAL. SL500

Let us begin by introducing our overall best contender for longboard wheels. From Freedare, this particular set contains 4 pieces of pretty large-sized wheels, which helps your longboard achieve optimum performance.

Just like the name suggests, Freedare is a company that promotes freedom and the courage to take risks.

Designed Perfectly for Smooth Performance

As mentioned above, these wheels are big-sized, having diameters of 70 mm and a width of 51 mm. Larger diameter wheels have a smoother ride. Besides, it has 83A durometer polyurethane wheels, which allows wheels to quickly pass over irregularities without any difficulty.

All-Terrain Skating

Thanks to its smooth skating abilities, it is versatile enough for both surface skating and skateboard park conditions. In fact, if you want to ride on rough terrain, this is still an excellent option.

Preinstalled Steel Bearings and Spacers

Besides, this longboard wheel set includes ABEC-7 bearings and spacers made from heavy-duty steels. And, they come attached with the wheels.

Now, the ABEC-7 is the second-highest rating for ball bearings strength, which describes the durability of the wheels.

Sleek and Customisable Design

The wheels’ exterior design is extremely simple, giving them a streamlined appearance. This particular model is available in black. However, it is also offered in a few brighter colors.

You can easily customize it yourself if you want something more personalized!

If you choose to travel on rough terrain, pick wheels with a larger diameter, as they will assist you in moving over rough and rocky terrain without difficulty. And, this Freedare set is the best option out there.

  • Comes in a plain design, which can be easily customized
  • Has a polyurethane design to ensure smoother rides on rough terrains
  • Equipped with high-performance ABEC-7 bearings
  • Perfect for most terrains, including pavements, skate parks, and uneven roads
  • Might not last very long

02. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 82a + ABEC-7 Bearing Steel and Spacers Cruiser 58mm

415+m4n9FpL. SL500

Like our first option, this is another excellent quality set from Freedare.

Freedare has a cutting-edge product line as well as a skilled and knowledgeable creative team committed to developing high-quality products to facilitate all kinds of longboard activities.

Compatible with Multiple Surfaces

Since these wheels roll so effortlessly, they can be used with a variety of skate styles on a variety of platforms.

They’re ideal for cruising and attempting a range of early street stunts. Furthermore, they fit well on smooth concrete and steel.

Right Amount of Softness

Softness is another essential feature for longboard wheels. Wheels with durometers within 75A to 88A are much softer than ones with higher durometers.

This particular model of wheels has a durometer count of 82A and a polyurethane layer. So, they are easier to control when performing tricks on the go.

Size and Performance

The diameter on these wheels is 58 mm, which is considered rather small for a longboard wheel. Smaller-sized wheels are considered a drawback sometimes because it means they are not as efficient at maintaining momentum. However, smaller wheels make longboards more flexible and ideal for skilled street skating.

Additional Parts

Like the previous Freedare set, this pack includes ABEC-7 steel bearings and spacers. These are the second-highest quality of bearings, which is more than sufficient for everyday users. They’re even attached to the wheels for your convenience!

If you want the best longboard wheels for cruising, this pack of wheels will work great for you.

  • Has the perfect level of softness
  • Can be easily used at faster speeds
  • Works on almost all kinds of roads and surfaces
  • Comes with high-quality bearings attached to the wheels
  • Might show early signs of damage
  • Doesn’t come in a big size

03. Orangatang Kegel Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels 80 mm

51wV0nrWdKL. SL500

 Next, we have another set that includes large-sized wheels, which makes them super effective for maintaining momentum when cruising.

Designed for Downhill Long-boarding

Like most sets of wheels, this one includes four individual pieces. These sets come with wheels that are configured for optimum speed and traction during downhill activities.

Whether you’re skateboarding, carving, pushing long distances, or pumping, these wheels will make the ride a whole lot smoother.

Large Sized for Rough Roads

These wheels are very wide, with each having an 80 mm diameter. As a result, they drive right over holes, rocks, gravels, and the most uneven roads at incredible speeds.

So, if you’re interested in cruising downhill over rocky roads, this is the one to consider.

Need for Bearings and Spacers

Apart from the wheels, 8 individual bearings are included with this package. These are Loaded Jehu V2 bearings, having extended inner raceways. So, you won’t need any additional spacers or speed rings for these wheels.

Topnotch Quality and Performance

Happy Thane formula is used in the construction of these wheels. And urethane is used for additional traction and lightness. In addition, they also have a 46 mm core, which lightens the load while allowing for fast acceleration and clean rolls.

These are the best downhill longboard wheels you can find right now.

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Have a sleek urethane finish with square lips for spectacular grip
  • Includes 46 mm core to lighten the load for faster acceleration
  • Ensures maximum grip and smooth slides with the appropriately designed lips
  • Includes bearings in the package
  • Doesn’t require any additional spacers or speed rings
  • Can display scuff marks on certain parts, like edges
  • Doesn’t last for a long time

04. Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels 70 mm 

41Up lRRO4L. SL500

Here’s another Orangatang option for you. And, this one is among the best option for attempting freestyles.

Happy Thane Construction

Like the previous Orangatang wheel-set, these wheels have a urethane formula. This makes riding smoother and steadier and adds a buttery-smooth feeling to it.

It is available in 83A durometer in a neon orange color. And, you can also find one in 86A in yellow.

Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

If you want smooth slides with your longboard, this is a great set of wheels for you.

The round lips and stone-ground contact patch on these wheels guarantee quick slides straight from the factory and for the rest of their lives. And, you will get consistent slides from these wheels for the entirety of their lifetime.

Size and Performance

Now, this specific model contains 70 mm wheels. As the wheels are pretty large in size, they are ideal for dancing, freeriding, and attempting freestyle tricks.

This is because the size of the wheels helps with maintaining your momentum when you’re trying out faster and riskier moves.

Moreover, you can use these over most kinds of terrains, including rough and rocky ones.

Strong and Supportive Core

Besides, it has a core that is encased. As a result, the ride is smoother, and the lips are supported for sleek sliding and even wearing.

  • Comes in a lightweight form that allows freestyle tricks
  • Ensures smooth slides throughout its lifetime
  • Offers the right level of softness that makes turns easier
  • Comes in a large size, which makes it much smoother
  • Comes at a rather expensive price point
  • Requires extra pushing
  • Has a record of making noises

05. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels 100mmx65mm

51IX1pAPnRL. SL500

The MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels have a decent diameter of 100 mm and have a smooth and stable ride on all sorts of roads.

Hardness and Performance

Having a 78A durometer, these wheels are incredibly bouncy, and they provide additional acceleration.

Now, these wheels are designed with an extremely high rebound that allows you to ride comfortably while also providing excellent acceleration. So, they ride effortlessly on rugged and difficult surfaces.

Size Related Issues

These are some of the largest-sized wheels you can find for longboards. And, they are mostly great for a number of reasons.

However, these 100 mm diameter wheels can sometimes be a little too big for certain boards. So, you have to make sure your deck is big enough to handle these, or else they can induce wheel-bite.


You can travel over ridges on the streets without seeing any change in the quality of your ride. Moreover, these wheels won’t let you sense any bumps when cruising over rough ground.

Design and Compatibility

Owing to the versatility of the design, these wheels are comfortable, particularly when riding in slippery and muddy environments. So, if you plan to get them, make sure they match the measurements of the board first.

Not only are they perfectly mountable on most longboards, but they also work on most roads too. Off-road tracks, such as gravel or concrete roads with large gaps, are ideal for these tough wheels.

  • Can be used to ride on almost any surface
  • Has the biggest diameter of all
  • Ensures maximum speed, thanks to its softness
  • Provides a secure grip on rides and ensures absolute safety
  • Costs relatively high
  • Might get wheel-bite with small-sized boards

06. Orangatang President 70 mm Cruising Longboard Skateboard Wheels

51B8DhTYojL. SL500

This is our third Orangatang choice for today. By now, you should be able to tell how great and successful the brand is based on how many times it has been mentioned on the list.

Brand Performance

Orangatang Wheels generally makes topnotch longboards, longboard skateboards, and longboard wheels. And, their products are commonly used for different forms of skating.

Wheel Size and Speed

Now, the diameters on these wheels are 70 mm each, which means they ensure lightness and help keep momentum. This specific model, however, is much more than that.

When carving, it facilitates relentless acceleration. These wheels have a ton of potential and can accelerate rapidly in or out of curves.

Traction and Overall Performance

Due to its high traction, it is also capable of adapting. It’s fantastic for occasional cruising, everyday traveling, and more. These are regarded amongst the best cruising longboard wheels, which can also be employed for racing, carving, and several other activities.

Basic Orangatang Features

Orangutang products are designed to be highly functional. This model is no exception. It uses the original Orangatang urethane formula. As a result, the wheels are silky smooth, soft, and snug, with a buttery smooth glide.

As for bearings, it has the same kind as the options earlier. It is the Loaded Jehu V2 kind.

  • Has 70-mm diameter, which helps ensure a quicker and more stable carving
  • Includes angular surfaces to handle tricky carves and downhill races
  • Offers a thick, strong lip that helps with sideways sliding
  • Can be used for multiple different activities on all kinds of terrains
  • Not suitable for everyday use

07. Shark Wheel Skating 70mm Wheels, Sidewinder 78a Longboard Wheels

311QycKFmYS. SL500

These incredibly stylish square-shaped wheels are meant for you if you’re interested in something fresh and unorthodox.

Brand and Popularity

Shark Wheel is a California-based organization committed to creating the most creative, revolutionary, and high-tech wheels on the market. As opposed to conventional wheels, the Shark Wheels have several scientifically established benefits.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, FedEx commercials, and several other shows, they received a boost in sales. In fact, they are also used by a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Bright Yellow Design

With their unique take on classic longboard wheels, the creative team from the brand has redefined wheels in general. Rather than being manufactured in the traditional round form, these are exquisitely designed in square shapes.

Equally Great Quality and Performance

As it has high-quality construction, it is able to absorb impact and ensure consistent results in all kinds of roads.

Despite popular belief, they are not slippery, and they are not difficult to ride. They are, in effect, lighter than conventional options.

Moreover, these wheels are three times faster than normal urethane wheels, making them ideal for professionals.

All in all, these Shark Wheels have the best all-terrain performance.

Good Size and Even Better Hardness

Unfortunately, the wheels are not the biggest in size. They are moderately sized with diameters of 60 mm. So, they provide decent speed and momentum and work just fine for the everyday commute.

The wheels, on the other hand, are made of 78A urethane, which makes them capable of handling tricks when skating.

  • Offers three times the speed and balance than regular wheels
  • Ensures outstanding performances on all kinds of surfaces
  • Provides resistance from water and humid climates
  • Can be used by professional players
  • Doesn’t come in a traditional design, which some might find off-putting

08. Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels for Cruising, DIY Electric Skateboards, Eboards 85 mm

5161HXmc9JL. SL500

If you want to ride at full speed and intensity, this Orangatang Caguaama Set is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

Dimensions and Design

The wide, rounded wheels have an 85-mm diameter for maximum speed. At the same time, they also accommodate stability and agility for heavy-duty riding.

Besides, these wheels can also be used to push and carve great distances when connected to electric longboards. So, that is one feature you should look out for!

You can quickly pass over reinforced concrete thanks to the 56 mm contact pad. The surface layer provides a secure grip, and the slightly angled edges aid in the smooth operation of the wheels.

Speedy Performance

Having one of the largest wheels, with diameters of 85 mm, these wheels allow you to swerve through rocks, shards, and even the most difficult terrain conveniently.

In addition, they also have a big, wide center of 46 mm, which helps reduce weight while increasing momentum and traction. Overall, this is one of the best longboard wheels for speed.

Quality of Hardness

It comes in a light blue color with a subtle pattern on top. These have a hardness rating of 77A, which makes them highly flexible.

And, the urethane wheels’ fundamental composition makes them plain, elegant, delicate, and tight.


They can work with any electronic skateboard that can carry Orangatang Kegels, providing a smooth ride.

  • Has a strong core for quick and steady rides
  • Has a sleek and elegant design
  • Comes in a larger than normal size
  • Can be used with electronic boards for increased efficiency
  • Costs a lot more than its competitors

09. Orangatang in Heat Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels 75 mm

Now, we present our last Orangatang set for you. And, you will love this if you’re into downhill skating.

Versatile Use

These wheels are made with the intention of versatile usage.

As they are engineered for optimum speed and control, these are suitable for rough carving, rolling, downhill skateboarding, and long-distance riding

Firm and Steady Core

It has an encased core, for starters. As a result, the ride is more comfortable, and the lips are better equipped for seamless sliding and consistent usage.

Maximum Traction

Now, these wheels have pointed, square-shaped lips that offer the highest possible grip while still allowing them to slide effortlessly when needed. Furthermore, these feature a streaked urethane pattern for an incremental rebound.

Great Performance

As this particular version contains larger than normal 75-mm wheels, they are ideal for spinning, jumping, and trying freestyle tricks. This is due to the fact that larger wheels aid in retaining momentum while attempting quicker and riskier maneuvers.

Design and Construction

These wheels, as with most Orangatang wheels, are made of urethane. This improves the smoothness and stability of the ride and gives it a buttery-smooth feeling.

This model is available in a durometer of 77A in a sky blue color. Not only does it provide the perfect amount of flexibility, but it also looks great while doing so.

Besides, it is available in another version. That one comes in a similar design with a bright purple finish. It has a rating of 83A, which makes it slightly harder compared to this.

  • Comes in a beautiful blue color and the perfect amount of softness
  • Has a strong and well-balanced core
  • Can be used for several different activities including, rough carving, rolling, downhill skateboarding
  • Comes in two different variations having a different hardness rating
  • Might emit noise to some extent

10. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 80A SHR Mountain Cruisers 76mm 

51A1 oqTypL. SL500

As these wheels were created with mountain cruisers in mind, they deliver succeeding pace and agility. If you want to attempt freestyle, slalom, or ride down hills, these are among the best choices for you.

Basic Parameters

Now, these wheels are on the slightly larger side, measuring 76 mm in diameter. Their sizes assist you in achieving full acceleration.

Besides, they have an unrivaled defense with an 80A hardness rating. The right amount of softness on the wheels allows you to maintain a strong grip at all levels.

Perfect Quality for Optimum Use

The Bigfoot Mountain Cruisers were built with the ideal soft texture and comparatively larger scale to live up to their reputation.

Skateboarding requires a set of wheels that are specifically designed to make the ride fast and easy. Otherwise, you can feel a build-up of stress in your feet, making it difficult to proceed. And, these very wheels were designed to enable you to travel quickly without having to be fully conscious of gravels or puddles on the ground.

Not only that, but the Mountain Cruisers are also the best skateboard wheels for simply cruising around town.

Overall Performance

The wheels are optimized for users who want to go fast and eventually be able to maintain maximum speed while navigating around turns and intersections perfectly.

The offset core helps you in grasping around sharp turns.

  • Works great for quick, everyday rides
  • Comes with high-quality construction, which makes it highly durable
  • Has a long-lasting pace, thanks to its wheel size
  • Delivers unparalleled pace and agility for mountain cruisers
  • Cannot be used on all kinds of roads

11. Everland Skateboard Wheels 65x51mm 

51vqNV NzaL. SL500

Most of the options we have mentioned so far are quite pricey. If you are looking for budget options, this is the one for you. Not only are these cheap, but they also have some pretty decent features to make them worth consideration.

Quality and Durability

These wheels have a 78A durometer, which means they are soft and flexible. With these, you can attempt swift turns without difficulty.

Besides, these Everland Wheels are highly durable, and they will last for a while. And that is another reason why they made it on our list.

Bearings and Performance

Bearings are closely bound and well by these wheels, which means that they are suitable for carving and riding across uneven surfaces. So, you can use it to skate around the streets on rough pathways.

Moreover, these wheels, made of rubber, are universally compatible with almost all kinds of bearings and boards. Also, the offset is balanced in the center for excellent traction and smoother rides at incredible speeds.

However, the bearings agent included. So, you have to buy them separately.

Different Colour Variations Available

This particular pack includes neon, blue wheels. But these are available in a wide range of colors. You can choose from other bright colors like yellow and orange, or go for muted ones like black or clear.

Reasonably Priced

Above all, these wheels provide a clean and enjoyable ride for both longboard and skateboard riders at an affordable price point. And, the price makes these wheels well worth buying.

  • Comes at a very low price point
  • Performs great at extreme speeds
  • Has quite a few color options to choose from
  • Has great construction, which makes it durable
  • Doesn’t include bearings

12. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels Set of 4

51EWLKQt+VL. SL500

As the Sector 9 Wheels were created with versatility in consideration, they have a much tighter grip than regular rounded wheels. In addition, they can be used on any longboard or skateboard to ride quickly and conveniently.

If that sounds like something you’d want, check out the rest of the features.

Perfect for Sliding and Freeriding

These longboard wheels have durometers of 80A. Not only do they glide well, but they also have great control, all thanks to the softness. When you want to go freeriding, they will perform flawlessly, almost as great it slides.

Appropriate Traction and Overall Balance

Now, these wheels have a Cosmic Centerset Core, which provides far more traction and uniform use than most similar options. As they have even wear, they work for a longer period.

They also have contact patches of 38 mm that make them large enough to grip tightly while remaining small enough to slide. As a matter of fact, these are some of the best longboard sliding wheels on the market as of now.

Ideal for Beginners

Due to the great sliding feature, these wheels are perfect for people learning to slide. With this, beginners are totally safe and will be able to get over the learning curve very fast.

  • Works as great sliding wheels for beginners
  • Includes Cosmic Centerset Core to ensure even use
  • Has strong traction, which makes them great for freeriding and trying freestyles
  • Has the perfect durometer to roll smoothly over rough roads
  • Doesn’t last long if it is used regularly for sliding

13. Magneto SLIDERZ Longboard Wheels, Skateboard Wheels, Sliding & Tricks

From Magneto, we present to you another set of wheels that facilitates sliding. If you are new to skating, you can use these wheels to practice and learn tricks and turns.

Sliding Efficiency

Sliding motion is a technique that most riders love and use occasionally. These wheels are equipped to provide perfect control while trying this.

In fact, the manufacturers promote these wheels by claiming that they slide like butter. And, they do. They provide you with the appropriate amount of smoothness to get the adrenaline pumping but also give you enough power not to crash while riding.

Basically, you get a thrill and full control over your board, all at the same time.

Appropriately Designed

Having diameters of 70 mm and a width of 42 mm, these are relatively larger-sized wheels. That means they are highly efficient in terms of maintaining speed and performance.

Besides, they have a hardness rating of 83A, which indicates that they are pretty soft and good for swerving while riding.

Durability and Performance

The pack includes four separate wheels, which are made of great quality parts.

And, they’re designed to last and are shaped to accommodate skate parks, regular roads, and rough terrain. Because of their flexible width and rugged texture, these wheels can be used by users of both skateboards and longboards.

Primary Target Groups

Although these work on different kinds of roads, they are aimed at urban skaters. This is because these are optimum for tricks and jumps on paved roads and surfaces. You can even carry out power slides on these surfaces.

  • Works great on a number of skating platforms
  • Performs excellently as sliding wheels and provides a lot of leverage over the board
  • Targets urban skaters mostly
  • Ensures faster and an overall balanced carving
  • Might not come stone ground
  • Takes a while to get used to
Final Verdict

Whether you have a particular kind of longboard wheels in mind, or you’re researching to find out which kind suits your needs best, you can find your answer here.

Above, we have extensively analyzed the top options for skateboards you can currently find on the market. All our recommended options are well researched and highly reliable.

Our first advice for you is to follow the buying guide before making the final purchase decision. It includes the key factors that will ensure you choose the best longboard wheels for your needs.

If you have an electronic board, you can get the Orangatang option designed for those boards. And, if you want a budget option, our Everland set provides great value for money.

But, if you don’t have any particular preference or needs, you can go with our first option as it is the best from an overall perspective.

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