Top 10 Best Longboard Surfboards For Beginners (2022)

Surfing is considered an extreme sport. It is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. This is because surfing is usually done in shallow waters. Underneath the shallow waters lies a coral reef that can gravely injure you.

Choosing the right board for practice will also help you learn better and become an expert. That is why to guide you in your search, we have reviewed some of the best longboard surfboards, which will give you the optimum surfing experience.  

Top 10 Best Longboards Surfboards For Beginners

Having the right type of surfing board is an essential part of surfing. Without this, your whole surfing experience will be ruined.

So, if you want to know more about this tool, just keep on reading. 

What Are Longboard Surfboards?

Before we dive into the boards, let us first understand what exactly is the best. It will help get more knowledge on the subject. There are many sports in the world that use different tools or instruments or rides for different environments.

For example, in Moto GP, the bikes used as Sports bikes are specifically designed for that kind of sport. Similarly, in the case of dirt bike racing, the bikes used there are known as dirt bikes. These bikes are best for rough roads or off-roading; they are specifically designed for this purpose.

What Are Longboards Surfboards?

The case is very similar to surfing. Surfing longboards are designed in a way that will give you more time with the waves. It will help you master new skills, and for beginners, longboards are recommended. This is because they will have much more balance, and it is much safer for them to use longboards.

So, the best surfing longboards are those which easily adapt to the purpose you are using them for. You will have no difficulty using the board, and it will make your surfing experience better. 

How Do I Choose A Perfect Surfing Longboard?

Now let us look at some of the things you should look for when buying a longboard surfboard. This will help you make the best purchase choice.

How Do I Choose The Best Longboards Surfboards?

i. Length

It is very easy to tell that the length of the longboard will be longer than any other regular board. That is the reason the long surfer boards are called longboards.

Longboards are usually used by professionals who know what they are doing and are experts at what they do. The reason the professionals use longboards is that they help them catch more waves and do extraordinary surfing.

The reason longboards can catch more waves is that they are bigger. The length is bigger than normal conventional surfing boards, so they have more surface area. The more the board has a surface area, the more space it will take. This allows more waves to be caught with longboards.

With long surfing boards, the surfer can have more surfing time; therefore, they can perform tricks like the hanging ten and many more while surfing. At a beginner level, the longboard can be a bit difficult to use.

Since they are long, it is very hard for beginners to maneuver. Therefore for beginners, there are many longboards that are a bit smaller in size. Usually, longboards are 9 to 11 feet long. 

ii. Shape

In surfing, the shape of the board is very important, since initially you need to lie down on your stomach on the board and swim towards the waves. The shape of the board will determine whether your body fits on the board or not.

And the shape of the longboard is not that different from a normal surfboard. They are round or oval on the head, and the body is flat like the Ariel view of a boat.

The only thing to notice is whether the width of the board is wide enough for you to fit your body. You should always go for a board which fits your body. If the board is smaller or bigger than your body, then make sure you get something of the appropriate size. 

iii. Rails

The rail of the surfboard is very important, as we have mentioned earlier. Longboards are very difficult to maneuver. The rail is something that will help you turn or easily change the direction of the board.

It looks like a fin of a shark. Even if you know nothing of surfing boards, this is something which must have caught your eyes.

The design of the surfboard is something that is inspired by sharks or other sea creatures like dolphins. The dolphins are very good at changing their direction in the water. They move at great speed; they are even faster than sharks.

Yet, they can change direction more easily than sharks. This is because of their fins. Therefore, for surfboards to change direction, rails were added to them.

So, the length of the rail will determine how easily you can change the direction of the board in deep water. If you want to surf in deep water, then find boards that have bigger rails. Otherwise, if you want to surf in shallow waters, you can go for smaller rails. 

iV. Tail

While you are looking for surfing boards, you will notice that the back comes in many different shapes. The back part of the surfing board is known as the tail. Now you might wonder why there are so many different shapes of tails in surfing boards.

This is because every tail shape in the surfing board is meant for a different purpose. They all have their uses.

There are a lot of different tails and out of them; square, round, swallow, squash, and pin are the most common ones. Now, if you are an expert and you want to surf in big waves, then you need to go for pintail.

If you are a beginner and are just learning how to take turns, you should go for round tails. The round tail will help you take smooth turns, and therefore, it will be perfect for you to practice on. The square tail helps you to take sharp turns; it is more commonly seen in shortboards. So, choose accordingly. 

V. Rockers

Finally, there is a rocker, as we all know that keeping your balance is one of the most crucial things in surfing. If you don't have balance, then you can’t surf. The rocker is safer because it keeps you stable on the board and helps you maintain balance while surfing.

So, if you are a beginner, then this is something you definitely should not overlook.

Our Top 10 Best Longboard Surfboards Review 

Finding yourself a good quality longboard surfboard should not be a hard task. That is why we have compiled a list of the top longboard surfboards with their details. You can easily choose a longboard surfboard that will work for sure from our list. 

01. Boardworks Froth, Soft Top Surfboard, Wakesurf Board

41DwONWEFmL. SL500

First, on our list, we have this amazing longboard surfboard from board works. This is a brand that has been around for quite a while. People of all ages seem to love this brand when it comes to longboard surfboards. 


There are 3 color options that you can choose from. Also, the 5 sizes are ranging from 5 inches to 9 inches from which you can choose according to your height and surfing requirements. 


This is one of the best options for beginner on the market. Use the tool to practice your moves, get ready for a tournament, or learn basic surfing. You can do it all with this one. 


The insides of this longboard surfboard are constructed of an EPS foam base. This makes the unit extra lightweight.

You can, therefore, carry the longboard surfboard around with you at all times. While riding, the surfboard will also be smooth and more manageable due to the lightweight. This is a feature that all performers will appreciate in their surfboards. 


How long the surfboard is going to last will depend on the durability of the longboard surfboard. You might not be able to purchase a surfboard on and on gain. That is why you will love this model.

The EPS foam core that builds this longboard surfboard is covered by soft EVA skin. This outer layer keeps the insides intact. The Foam core is also fully glassed, so you do not need to worry about the insides bending. 

  • Three colors to choose from and 5 size options
  • An EPS foam core that is fully glassed and protected with an EVA skin
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Compatible with most kinds of surfing whether it is beginner level or pro
  • Fin screws are not included in some of the boxes

02. Paragon Surfboards Performance Soft-Top Surfboard

4144wfUC+ L. SL500

You know your longboard surfboard is going to be a good one when it is hand-shaped. Made with all the love and care in the world, this surfboard is fun and easy to ride. 

High-Performance Shape 

The Paragon surfboards are known for their unique and easy-to-ride shape. It is this feature that makes this surfboard such a fan favorite.

Now, the unit comes with 3 fins that are included with the purchase. The double bottom concave shape of the board allows you to ride smoothly on the waves. Besides all that, there are a double top and bottom 6oz glass job.

This design has the best features of a longboard and a short one combined into one. That is why you can use this surfboard easily for practicing and improving your surfing skills. It is regarded amongst the high-performance longboard surfboards under $500. 

Easy to Use

As this surfboard has been tested in all kinds of wave speed, you can use this model without any worries.

You can make turns and jumps much easily on this board. 

Perfect for All Surfing Levels 

A 61L volume in the model makes this surfboard easy to use for all kinds of surfers. 

Hand Shaped 

Hand-shaped products are always better and more durable, so is this one. The core of the unit has EVA foam.

The bottom contour, rails, and epoxy core are made by hand. This is how you know a lot of care went into making this longboard surfboard. Therefore, it will surely be worth the purchase. 

  • Fins are included in the box; easy assembly
  • 61L volume longboard surfboard that can be used by users who are up to 220lbs
  • The bottom contour, epoxy core, and rails have been hand made
  • Under $500
  • Can be used by surfers of all levels
  • No color options

03. Wavestorm 8' Surfboard, Sunburst Graphic

41uyXH2g QL. SL500

Next on our list, we have a fun and colorful surfboard that has it all. It is also budget-friendly and made to last a very long time. 

Unique Three Stringer Design 

Unlike most other surfboards in the market, this one comes with a three-stringer design. This is different from the fin design that we are used to seeing on surfboards.

The string design makes riding on the wave a lot easier and smoother, no matter the wave speed. A lot of users have also stated that this design made their surfboards a lot safer. 

High-Quality Construction

Most of the longboard surfboard is made of high-quality soft WBS-IXL. This is a water barrier skin that helps your surfboards last a lot longer than expected.

To increase durability, there is also a bottom skin made of polyethylene. These features, along with the high-density rails, come together to give you an indestructible longboard surfboard. It surely is one of the best options. 

Included Accessories

Thankfully, this company has decided to include bolt-through fins for your longboard surfboard with the purchase. You can also remove these fins when required. They also come with a leash traction pad! 

High Volume 

With a whopping 86 liters volume, this longboard is the all-around longboard surfboard. What’s there not to like? It has a good built, is lightweight, it does not cost too much, and it is compatible with riders of any level. You will never regret buying this one. 

  • Colorful graphic design that makes your surfboard pop
  • Unique three-string design
  • 86 liters volume with good build and lightweight features
  • Bolt-through fins included that can also be removed
  • Color might be too bright for a lot of users

04. Giantex 6' Surfboard For Beach Ocean - Foamie Board

41IOa3+Gc8L. SL500

Looking for a good quality surfboard for your kids? We got you covered. If you like how this surfboard performs, you can also buy one for yourself because they have adult sizes as well.

Removable Fins 

The main problem that people face when traveling with their longboard surfboards is that the fins get in the way. So, when you can take these off, you can travel with them much easier.

Great for Kids

The fishtail design will come in handy when you want to change your speed while surfing. This also makes taking turns and adjusting to the waves much easier and smoother.

Dimension of this longboard is 72'' X 20'' X 3'. So, your kid can use this surfboard without any problem. It also has a great colorful design that kids seem to love.

Simple Assembly 

There are thorough instructions that come with this longboard surfboard. Following the guidelines, you will be able to assemble the fins in a minute. The simple design and the size make this one of the best choices for kids. Even your kid can put together the longboard in a minute; it's that easy!

Sturdy and safe 

When buying a longboard for your child, you surely want it to be the safest and the most durable one.

Made with a high-speed HDPE bottom and high-quality top foam, this is the safest longboard surfboard for your child. The bottom skin is highly responsive and makes the board stiffer. Thanks to the stiffness, you can ride a lot faster. 

  • HDPE bottom with sturdy top foam
  • Stiff construction for better speed
  • Easy to assemble with instructions included
  • Kid-friendly design with dimension of 72'' X 20'' X 3'
  • Fins can be removed for easier traveling
  • Might not last you years, but only a few months

05. South Bay Board Co. - Premium Surfboard for Beginners

41nWfz8up8S. SL500

A fingerprint textured and wax-free surfboard is a must-have in any surfer's life. You should own at least one of these surfboards. You never know when you might need one!

Protected at All Times 

There is a resin coating on the top and bottom of this surfboard. So you can use the surfboard at any kind of wave speed without worrying about damaging the outer layer of the surfboard.

You also get better grip and control over the waves, courtesy of this feature.

No Heat Damage 

Thanks to the heat release valves on top of the surfboard, there is no heat damage. With that, there are bamboo layers as well.

Use the surfboard at all times, no matter how hot it is outside, without having to worry about your surfboard getting damaged by the sun.

No Pearling 

The longboard surfboard is also quite lightweight. The unit measures only 15lbs when taken out of the package. So, moving around on the longboard surfboard is very easy.

A double concave bottom deck helps you move with the water, and therefore, prevents all kinds of pearling.

Leash Included 

Don't you just hate it when you have to buy accessories for your longboard surfboard separately? While buying your stuff online, this can be a bit more costly when you include the delivery charges.

There is a leash that comes with your purchase. Use this to tie the surfboard into your car trunk or as a handle to carry it around.

  • Comes with a leash
  • Has resin coating on top and bottom of the surfboard
  • Heat release valve and bamboo layers protect the unit from sun damage
  • No-pearling design with the concave bottom deck
  • Fingerprint texture and no-wax construction
  • The leash is not of high quality but will get the job done

06. Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert surfer, you will love this surfboard. Any user up to the weight of 220lbs can use this tool easily and safely.

Soft Foam Build 

With a three-stringer system, you get better speed and control. The system also has an EPS core with foam, making it the best choice in the market.

All surfboards will give in one day or the other, but this one does not need to be replaced in a few years at least.

High-Density Rails

Like most good quality surfboards, the Wavestorm one has a water barrier skin. With that comes the high-density rails and the crosslink top deck.

Keeping all these features in a surfboard while maintaining such lightweight is a combination not all surfboard companies can give you.

Easy to Travel With 

Surprisingly, the longboard surfboard only weighs 11.5lbs, making it one of the most lightweight surfboards on our list.

You can travel with this surfboard with ease. Pack it in your car trunk and walk to the beach with the board in your hand without getting tired.

Classic 8ft Longboard Surfboard 

Wavestorm makes their surfboards in the classic 8ft size. The benefit of size as such is that a lot of people can use it.

Both adults and kids or teenagers will be able to practice and ride on this surfboard safely.

  • EPS core with soft foam design
  • Classic 8ft longboard; fit for both children and adults
  • Weighs only 11.5lbs
  • Has high-density rails
  • You need to be extra careful when traveling with soft top surfboards as such because they might get damaged in the car

07. California Board Company Surfboard

41fitCtFQ S. SL500

Now we move on to another company that is quite well known in the surfboard industry. California has been around for quite some time now and is loved by a lot of surfers all around the world.

Slick Bottom 

Bottoms of the longboard surfboards are laminated to be slick. Unlike other laminated bottoms, the California one does not make the surfboard harder to control or anything.

It helps you cut through high waves easier.

Soft Surfboard 

Made with EPS foam, just like most other high-quality surfboards, this one is a soft surfboard. Do not confuse it with being weak or not durable through; the thing will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Best Design for Speed Surfing 

A 7ft surfboard is a general size that fits all kinds of surfers. The size is right in the middle of a small and a large surfboard, making it usable by a lot of surfers no matter the age or size.

But we consider this one to be one of the best picks for women. There are three laminated wood stringers on the tool that are molded in.

Thanks to the user-friendly design of this accessory, all kinds of riders, whether they are professionals, beginners, wakesurfers, or rippers, can use this surfboard without hesitation.

Better Grip 

Having a traction grip in your surfboard is a must-have feature. This will allow you to ride much safer. Besides that, the traction pad also gives you better control over your moves. Therefore, we highly recommend the California Board Company Surfboard if you want something that you can practice on.

  • Slick bottoms that are laminated
  • 7ft surfboard longboard; perfect for surfers of all age, size, and gender
  • Traction pads give you much better control and grip
  • Made with soft EPS foam core
  • Designs all over the surfboard might be too loud for some users

08. California Board Company Surfboard 

41YFBYguCKL. SL500

California has made this surfboard so that a lot of users can benefit from it. That is why they have a lot of options available to choose from. We're sure you will find the surfboard you want from this line.

Options to Choose From

The ability to choose from a lot of options makes this brand and model more desirable to any kind of customer. This is one of the main reasons why we kept this on our list.

There is a lot of assorted color option that suits a lot of age group. There are lots of varieties ranging from fun bright neon colors to basic shades like black and white. Because the top is laminated, you can also customize the surfboard according to your desire without causing much damage to the structure of the unit

Water Resistant Structure 

It is quite obvious that surfboards are waterproof. But what we mean by a waterproof core is that even the layers inside the covered exterior are waterproof. So, if there is a small crack through which water can pass into the interior of the construction, you won't have to worry about your surfboard losing its integrity.

High-Density Foam EPS

Because the insides of the surfboard are made of a high-density EPS foam core, the unit will last you much longer.


As mentioned before, the outer layer of the surfboard is laminated. Protection as such is vital if you want your longboard to last a lot longer. This also makes it easier for you to add stickers or paintings to your surfboard's exterior.

  • Variety of color options
  • Even the interior is waterproof
  • Made with high-density EPS foam core
  • Laminated top and bottom layer for ease of customization and more protection
  • Colors vary from the pictures shown

09. Paragon Surfboards Performance Mini Log

31fFh3TrW3L. SL500

Another product from Paragon, the mini log is a model that fits surfers of all levels. We recommend that you get the Paragon Mini Log if comfort is what you are seeking in a longboard surfboard.

Best for Improving Skill 

Because the shape of the longboard is so user-friendly, you can easily use this longboard surfboard to improve your skills. Just like Paragon's other models, this one, too, is in between a long and a short surfboard so that you can get the best of both worlds.

There are 7'6”/7'8” option that you can select from based on your needs.

Easy to Catch More Waves 

At 54.5 liters volume capacity, the log can help you catch more waves. Also, it can hold people that are 250lbs at max.

Long Lifetime

Made with a unique kind of epoxy material, the log is much lighter and sturdier. This version is more buoyant as well. They test their surfboard in a lot of different wave conditions, so you know these will last you a while even with rough and regular use.

Gloss Finish 

If you are looking for a high-end longboard surfboard, this is it. Not only does the Paragon mini log have a glossy finish, but it also has a double bottom concave and glass job on top and bottom of 6oz.

The dimension of the log is 7'6" x 21 3/4" x 2 7/8".

  • The best shape to use if you want to improve your skills
  • Has a gloss finish with a glass job on both the top and bottom
  • Unique epoxy material makes the board a lot lighter
  • 5 liters volume so that you can catch more waves
  • No notable cons found

10. California Board Company Foam Surf Board, 9-Feet

41Qg462R9zL. SL500

The manufacturing company of this longboard is one the finest in the industry. This California Board Company has been manufacturing surfing boards for years, and due to its quality of product, the company has soon gained recognition.


The design of the board is very attractive.

When it comes to the color, the brown wooden color of the board makes it look like a part of nature. The board looks very gender-neutral due to its color, which means it will suit both men and women.

Ideal Size

The board is 9 feet in length; therefore, if you are a beginner, you have no problem surfing with this board. Usually, for a beginner, this length is considered to be the ideal size.

This is because longboards are very hard to maneuver. So, if the board is too big, it will be more difficult for the surfer to turn the board. That is why this length is perfect. Now moving on to its rails, this board comes with three rails.

Tri-Fin System

It can also be said that this surfing board is a tri-fin system board. Due to the three rails, this board will be very easy to maneuver in the water.

With this surfing board, you can enjoy surfing rather than worrying about the problems of the board. The 9 feet length will help you catch more waves and enjoy more surfing time.

This board is the perfect board for maneuver. All the features indicate that the board is very light in weight. Usually, if the surfing board is heavy, it is difficult for the surfer to surf on the board.

For Both Beginners and Experts 

The best part about this board is that it is good for both beginners and experts. So, if you buy this board as a beginner, you can use it for years, even after you have become an expert.

  • Can be used for performing and training as well
  • Tri-fin system makes it easier to maneuver in water
  • Unique wooden board design
  • Ideal size for all kinds of surfers
  • Fins are not detachable

Final Words 

Surfing is considered to be like driving or, more accurately, riding a bike. You simply cannot learn surfing in one day. You will need months to learn, and even after that, you need months of practice to start surfing.

However, before you start learning, you should have some basic knowledge of some rules that people follow while surfing.

At the end of the day, surfing is dangerous. Hundreds of people die every year while surfing. Sometimes even professionals die. So, make sure you are properly geared with the best longboard surfboards. Keep surfing, keep enjoying.

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