7 Best Longboard Fins For 2022 (Reviews + Buying Guide)

Surfing is a popular hobby for most people residing near beaches. The whole experience is thrilling with the scorching heat and the sound of the waves surrounding you.

However, if you want the best surfing escapade, you would need to focus more on your fins. According to research, getting the right surfboard fin can enhance your surfing game by 40%! This gives us all the more reason to ensure that you invest in the right fin for your board.

7 Best Longboard Fins (Reviews + Buying Guide)

And so, today, we will be looking into some of our top picks for the best longboard fins. The in-depth buying guide will allow you to tailor your choice based on personal preferences.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing Longboard Fins?

Now, before going off to purchase what you think might be the best choice, there are some factors you need to take into consideration.

01. Longboard Design

The underside of your longboard will have fin boxes or slots. Based on the model of your board, you might either have a single fin box or multiple boxes for more flexibility.

You will also need to check whether your board supports the dual tab or single tab design. This will ensure that you purchase the right fin to fit your board.

As the name suggests, dual tab fins use two tabs that are held tightly using screws. This is most common in the market and is widely available in case you want replacements.

The single tab, on the other hand, is a less popular design that has a better fit and is also lightweight.

02. Surfing Style

The best fins will only give you top performance if they suit your style. For those on the aggressive side, you will need a fin that is still and inflexible. The strength of the fin will allow you to move faster as well as take sharper turns.

On the contrary, if you're a relaxed surfer who likes to breathe in the cold breeze, flexible fins are the way to go. These will ensure a constant speed and smoothly glide you across the waves.

03. Build Material

The build material is a key indicator of durability and performance. Fins in the market today are made from various materials like fiberglass, G10, composite, etc. Each material has a different effect on how the board will act upon installation.

One of the well-known construction materials used is fiberglass. Although it is lightweight compared to others, the strength is quite high. This, in turn, keeps your board stable and allows for better handling.

The G10 and Composite fins are like 2 variants of the same model. While both can be manufactured in mass, the G10 fin is more on the flexible side.

The composite fins are sturdy and inflexible that allow for sharp turns. Also, the G10 is considered to be cheaper as it uses a mix of fiberglass and epoxy.

04. Shape

The shape of your desired fin will impact your surfing performance by great margins. It is important to choose one that complements your surfing style rather than working against it.

For instance, the flex fin has high flexibility with a narrow tip that allows for more turning. But the rake fin has a wide tip with moderate flex, enhancing control rather than turns.

Similarly, the pivot fin shape is more suited for large waves and nose rides. With little to no flex, it helps you gradually reduce your speed on the nose.

The D fin, however, is the basic surfer's fin. Resembling the letter D in terms of its shape, this is more focused on control but would be a bad choice for sharp turning. 

Top 7 Best Longboard Fins Review

After shortlisting all the features that make a good longboard fin, we have come up with the following reviews of our top picks. Let's take a look! 

01. SBS 10" Surf & SUP Fin

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With its universal design, you wouldn't have to worry too much about whether the fin would fit your board. The people at Santa Barbara Store have designed the fin in a way to suit longboards, surfboards, and even stand-up paddleboards.

In addition, the universal sizing design allows the fin to fit on all boards ranging from 8.5 to 10.5 inches. This allows you to use the fin for multiple boards.

Glass-filled Nylon Construction

The construction of the fin is what amazes us. The manufacturers have used glass-filled nylon, which has a higher strength than fiberglass. With an innovative foil integrated into the fin, the durability and resistance to water pressure has been increased. This allows you to maneuver and make tight turns easily.


Another great feature the SBS fin comes with is its easy installation design. Unlike most fins, this one comes with a screw that can be set without any tools. All you need to do is screw it to your board, and you're good to go. As a result, you're spending less time setting up the fin and enjoying more time with the waves.

Classic Design

While trying to put in new innovations and strong features, SBS has kept the design as old school as possible. The shape of the fin is one that most surfers are familiar with, and so you won't need too much time to get used to it.

  • Highly versatile
  • Compatible with various sizes
  • Easy to install mechanism
  • Durable material construction
  • Requires additional tools for installation

02. Santa Barbara Surfing SBS - 9" Longboard Single Fin

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Both the 8 and 10-inch center fins mentioned above follow Santa Barbara Surfing's standard design. This next 9-inch variant is no different. If you're looking for a center fin for your 2+1 board setup, this 9-inch fin should be perfect.

With its standard design, you won't need too much time to get used to the new fin. Other than a few differences, this fin will seem more like an upgrade in terms of maneuverability for your board.

Easy No-Tool Installation

Along with the fin, you will also receive an additional screw that allows you to secure it to the board. The screw has been carefully made to secure the fin as tightly as possible.

Also, this fin features a No-Tool screw setup that omits the need to use any toolbox to tighten the screw. This tends to save time and any extra hassle during installation.

Glass-filled Nylon Build

While fiberglass has been popular for its high strength and durability, the people at SBS have innovated a new substitute for it.

The glass-filled nylon construction used to make the 9-inch fin gives it the lightweight feeling as fiberglass would while being extremely strong.


Versatility is a key feature when it comes to this center fin. Not only will it click right with your longboard, but it fits just fine with surf or stand-up paddleboards too.

This extends the purposes the fin can be used for and increases your flexibility.

  • Glass-filled Nylon construction enhances longevity
  • Suitable for longboard, surfboards, and stand-up paddleboards
  • Standard design is easy to get used to
  • Easy to install mechanism
  • Can't withstand direct impact with the sand or rocks


03. Ho Stevie! Quad Surfboard Fins

417tbGQyu2L. SL500

All the fins in this quad fin package by Ho! Stevie is made from high-quality fiberglass. But what makes them stand out is the innovative honeycomb design that distributes the force evenly across the fin.


This is a factor that you need to consider before choosing a fin for your board. Lucky for you, this great component can clip onto any board that uses futures fins or FCS.

Yes, you heard it, which means you can use this set on your shortboard, funboard, or even your longboard.

Convenient Bundle

Ho! Stevie's packaging is exceptional when it comes to this quad fin set. Not only are they including 4 fins, but they also add a wax comb that doubles as a fin key and bottle opener, fin screws, and a travel case.

Balanced Fin Template

Performance is key with any fin you put your mind to. This set from Ho! Stevie is well-known for its balanced template. This means that the fin isn't specialized for just relaxed surfing to making sharp turns; it can do both!

Due to its shape and design, you will be able to get the most out of your surfboard. If you're already a maestro with the board, then feel free to use these fins to launch your next aerial stunt or make sharp turns across the waves to please the crowd.

The possibilities are endless.

  • Quad set comes with 4 fins, a travel case, and a wax comb
  • Fiberglass honeycomb design ensures maximum performance
  • Balanced fin template suitable for various surfing types
  • Compatible with most longboards


  • Fin base is far shorter than the average size

04. BPS SUP & Surf Center Fin - 8, 9, or 10 inch

Combining all the goodness of fiberglass with the strength of Nylon composite, this fin from BPS can withstand almost anything. The improved method of mixing fiberglass with nylon allows the fin to maintain its lightweight structure while not having to compromise on the strength.

As a result, you receive maximum performance when controlling your board. Take sharp turns or paddle gently across the sea; this fin will outperform even the surfers use.

No-tool Screw and Comb

Much like the fins from Santa Barbara Surfing, BPS has also introduced a No-tool screw to ease the installation process. The screw packed within the box has a tightener at the base that can be turned with your bare hands.

You will also receive a wax comb which allows you to control the texture of your board for more traction.

Multiple Sizes

What makes this fin stand out is its ability to deliver the best surfing experience. But, that will only be possible when the fin size complements the board size.

The Glass flex fin from BPS comes in 8,9 and 10-inch variants to work with boards of any length. So don't compromise on performance by getting the wrong fin size.


The Glass flex fin has a universal design that makes it compatible with most -longboards and stand-up paddleboards. If you get used to the control and maneuverability of this fin on your longboard, then you can get the same one for your paddleboard or vice versa.

This will reduce the time taken to get used to the design and shape of the fin.

  • Includes a wax comb within the packaging
  • No-tool easy installation
  • Fiberglass with nylon build for enhanced durability
  • Universal design makes it compatible with most boards
  • Can be difficult to fit the screw plate into the fin box

5. Own the Wave Fiberglass Reinforced Surfboard Fins

41JCg9Thw0L. SL500

This next triplefin package from Own the wave caught our eyes the fastest. For surfboards that allow for a Tri-fin setup, this should be one of the top turning options out there.

All the fins work together to give you enhanced stability and control when making tight turns. As you're buying all 3 fins from the same manufacturer, consistency in performance is ensured.

Innovative Design

With close consideration to the inputs made by their customers, Own the wave has come up with their own combination of design aspects. The tri-fin setup comes with a rake of 33 degrees which keeps your turning arcs short and well-balanced.

What's more, the base measures 4.37 inches which allow for fast acceleration during turns. This further boosts you when turning rather than slowing you down and reducing your momentum.

Fiberglass build

Due to its high tensile strength and lightweight, fiberglass has become a fan favorite. Own the wave has created their fins with a unique mix of fiberglass and nylon composite to further enhance durability.

The nylon composite allows the manufacturers to mass-produce the fins while ensuring high-quality performance.

Additional Accessories

Any additional tools or accessories you receive with a fin are important for your surfing needs. This 3 fin combo comes with a wax comb that is also a bottle opener and a hex key.

These are 3 of the most useful tools you will need when you're out in the scorching heat to ride some waves.

  • 3 fin setup ensure more stability and control
  • Unique design keeps a perfect balance between speed and control
  • Fiberglass construction aids durability
  • Comes with a wax comb and hex key
  • The tool included does not secure the fin tightly

06. Santa Barbara Surfing SBS - 8" Longboard Fin

41h62jegSFL. SL500

This 8-inch fin from Santa Barbara Surfing is a quick and easy replacement for most off-the-rack fins. Whether you're looking for new fins to attach to your longboard, surfboard, or stand-up paddleboat, this will fit the bill best.

If you're looking for larger sizes, then this one also comes in a 9 and 10-inch variant. The larger the size, the more hold and power you have.

Glass Nylon Construction

Featuring Santa Barbara Surfing's signature high-quality glass nylon build, this fin will last you for the long haul. While being almost as light as fiberglass but also maintaining a higher tensile strength. This makes it the ideal center to complement the longboard 2+1 fins setups.

No-Tool Screw Setup

Much like our previous 10-inch fin from Santa Barbara Surfing, this one also features a No-tool Screw. The main purpose behind this design is to save your time when installing the fin and to spend more time having fun with it.

The screw is easy to tighten and requires less work than most of the fins in the market.

Universal Design

This 8-inch fin boasts a universal design that is said to be compatible with most boards. Any standard board ranging from 8.5 to 10.5 inches should fit this fin absolutely fine.

Now that does not mean that it would go perfectly fine with all boards. It is best to check out the compatibility chart for more information.

  • High strength and durable build
  • Compatible with boards of various sizes
  • Easy replacement option for most off-the-rack fins
  • No-tool design ensures hassle-free installation
  • Can't handle bumps too well


07. FCS II Connect GF Longboard Fin

312cYr0iiJL. SL500

The FCS connect series of fins are known for their top-notch performance. Our next longboard fin comes with a neutral and balanced template.

For those of you who don't know, the template design influences how your board moves on the water. The neutral and balanced shape of the fin will allow you to maneuver your longboard smoothly while also maintaining high speeds.

Sizing Options

Modern longboards come in all different sizes, and to complement them, you will need the right-sized fin. Well, don't you worry because FCS has you covered on that! This Connect fin comes in four different sizing options.

Depending on the length of your longboard and your surfing style, you can choose a fin from 7 to a maximum of 10 inches.


Made of the best quality fiberglass with nylon composite, this fin was built to tackle any type of water pressure. The tough build of the fin allows it to withstand most water resistance while delivering top-class performance.


Since this was made by FCS, any longboard with the FCS dolphin template would be able to easily house this fin.

As the template is quite popular in the market, there are high chances your board is already compatible.

  • Compatible with most longboard templates
  • Balanced design makes the board easy to control
  • Durable build is able to withstand all conditions
  • Easy to install
  • Does not come with any accessories

 Final Words

When you're out to get new fins, you must consider multiple factors in order to ensure proper board control. Other than durability and size, you also need to think about how well the fin will match your board and surfing style.

If you're looking for a good center fin, then the 8-inch from Santa Barabara surfing is a standout candidate. Known for its high-quality glass nylon construction, this will deliver a smooth surfing experience.

For those looking for multiple fins for a tri-board setup, the quad set from Ho! Stevie should be a good fit. Not only is it made of high-quality materials, but it also comes with a good fin design.

These combine to give you exceptional turning arcs and high speeds. With that being said, we hope this review has been able to help you pick out the best longboard fins.

Happy Surfing!

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